New Zealand Date/Time:
Fri, Mar 23, 2018, 8:27:41 PM
Yachting New Zealand
Sail for Life

The national body for recreational and competitive Sailing.

Our Vision...

To inspire greatness and national pride, while embracing adventure, enterprise and a passion for the sea.

Our Purpose...

To promote the appeal, development and success of boating as an innovative, inclusive and lifelong sport and leisure activity.

Representing the Needs and Interests of all Members:

  • Education: Providing training for coaches, club instructors, race officers, judges,  umpires and race management volunteers.
  • Regional Support: Providing a network of Regional Support Officers working with clubs and regions nationwide.
  • National Programmes: Management and support of national sailing programmes including Learn to Sail, Sailsafe, Sailing… Have a Go! and NCEA.
  • Learn to Sail: Maintaining and developing the syllabus for dinghy and keelboat learn to sail programmes ensuring the quality of sail training courses nationwide.
  • Technical and Safety Support: Providing technical and safety support for yacht owners via Yachting New Zealand's safety inspectors.
  • Exemptions to Maritime Laws: Gained exemptions regarding speed restrictions, boat licensing and Safe Ship Management (SSM) to name a few.
  • Advocacy & Representation: Providing a strong and informed voice to protect the freedoms and interest of members – making representation to national and local government on issues such as marine farming, maritime safety, licensing, fees and environmental matters.
  • Information for Members: Acting as an information point for members’ enquiries via phone, email, Briefings, Yachting Quarterly, Lifelines Safety Newsletter and a comprehensive website.
  • Relationships with Media: Promoting Yachting New Zealand activities and yachting and boating profile to the wider public.
  • Trust Funding: Providing a point of reference for most charitable trusts. Many of the trusts now require affiliation to a national body.
  • ISAF: Yachting New Zealand provides representation for the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). ISAF governs the rules we race under; only affiliated clubs are allowed to race under these rules.
  • High Performance: Managing support and development of high performance sailors and preparation for international competition including the Olympics.