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Fri, Apr 27, 2018, 8:48:21 PM
Ministry for the Environment

The Ministry is the Government's principal adviser on environmental sustainability and international matters that affect the environment. The environment supports New Zealand’s economy based on natural resources, the health of our people, and our quality of life. At the same time, the health of the environment is affected by the way every New Zealander behaves.  

Their vision is for a prosperous New Zealand where a healthy environment enhances social and economic well-being. The Ministry is committed to leading environmental sustainability, which supports social and economic well-being.


The main outcomes they work towards are:

  • New Zealand’s air, water, land and built communities are healthy
  • New Zealand is able to capitalise on its natural environmental advantages
  • New Zealand’s natural resources are managed effectively and New Zealanders areencouraged to use resources sustainably
  • Risks to people, the economy and the environment from pollution, contamination and other environmental hazards are minimised.


The role of the Ministry for the Environment is to:

  • Provide leadership on environmental sustainability across central and local government and the community
  • Work in partnership with others in central and local government, business and the community to improve our environment and encourage sustainable practices
  • Fix problems that require central government intervention
  • Measure and report on the health of the environment.


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