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Fri, Mar 23, 2018, 8:26:11 PM
Marine Pollution

Sewage discharges from your boat can cause disease

Plan ahead where to discharge safely – fit a holding tank and use pump outs where provided. If you have to empty your holding tank at sea, make sure you are:

  • well offshore
  • in open waters
  • away from other boats
  • away from marine farms
  • and underway

beaut bays

If you discharge sewage from your vessel you must be more than 500m from shore and in waters more than 5m deep and more than 500m from a marine farm. Check your regional coastal plan for any further restrictions.


Don’t discharge boat sewage in enclosed waters 

Don't throw it, stow it


Bag it, bring it back, bin it.

Small changes make a big differene

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